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HD Online Player (Lips Dual Audio Eng Hindi 720p Downl)




A: According to your website, you provide streaming services, but your website says that you provide both Hindi and English language. So, if you provide dual audio streaming (i.e. one in Hindi and the other in English), then it should work fine. If you're simply providing Hindi content that can be played without audio, then I'm afraid that's not possible. Because if the content is in English (or if it is dubbed in English, but they're using the same language as the English audio), the player doesn't know what language to play and simply outputs the audio in English. The present invention relates to a method of planarizing a surface of an article such as a semiconductor substrate, and more particularly, to a method of planarizing a surface of an article with an improved endpoint detection. In the manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs), planarization of the surface of an article such as a semiconductor substrate is typically required to provide a flat surface for further processing of the article. Conventional chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) has been used to planarize semiconductor substrates. In a CMP process, the surface of the semiconductor substrate is held against a moving polishing pad of a rotating table under a controlled pressure. CMP involves placing the substrate in a CMP apparatus, holding the substrate against the rotating polishing pad under a controlled pressure, and moving the substrate back and forth over the polishing pad surface. As the substrate is moved over the polishing surface, material is removed from the surface of the substrate through CMP. In general, it is desirable to detect when the CMP process is complete, i.e., when a target planarization level is reached within a designated planarization layer on the surface of the substrate. Typically, an endpoint detection system is employed to measure the thickness of the substrate at various locations to determine whether the endpoint of the CMP process is reached. In general, the endpoint detection system is located to one side of the substrate and measures one or more characteristics of the substrate such as the reflectivity of the substrate surface, the light scattering, and the electrostatic force of the substrate. There is a trend in the semiconductor industry towards the use of copper in semiconductor manufacturing processes. In general, copper is preferred over aluminum in semiconductor manufacturing processes because it allows a greater reduction in the minimum feature size of the integrated circuits. In addition, the use of




HD Online Player (Lips Dual Audio Eng Hindi 720p Downl)

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